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Starting June 4th

Sundays at the Freeman store

11 am until 5 pm or until sold out

May 25

Fresh Made Food and Vendor Market

May 30,June 20,July 11,August 1,15

Riverfront Eats

11 am to 2 pm

June 1,July 15,August 5,19

Medical Lake Farmers Market

June 10

Fairfield Flag day

June 17th

Medical Lake Community event

and Medical Lake Founders day

July 8

Brown Family Distillery

July 29 Corvette Show

August 4

Barnyard Bliss Barn Dance

August 11-13

Medical lake Bluegrass Festival

October 7

Museum of Arts and Culture


-The Freeman Store-

-Hwy 27, Freeman- 


Starting June 4th, 11 am until 5 pm or until sold out

Closed May 28,29

July 1-4

Sept 2-5


Season Over

September 5th- Labor day




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